Digital Onboarding Experience 

First Impressions

Boehringer Ingelheim approached us to come up with a design solution to assist patients with their first time using a new generation of diabetes medication.
As lead designer I worked with the experience director to supervise design output and worked hands-on with a small team of designers, researchers and developers, across initial concepts and design executions.

Inspiring Change

The daily routine of taking the medication was our starting point: each day a new digital experience is unlocked, ranging from informative games, to gentle nudges encouraging a positive mindset, to advice on how to handle common side-effects.
Each activity is designed to last no more than 5 minutes and acts as a method to both encourage gradual lifestyle changes and track patient engagement with the medication programme.

How are you today?

To further drive patient engagement with the programme, we developed a pathway for patients to provide feedback to their doctors. Working with a group of HCPs in the US, we developed a format of concise progress reports to support regular patient checkups, while feeding back anonymised data back to Boehringer. The resulting data will be the first time any realtime patient feedback for a medication has been received outside of drug trials.


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