Verizon Gaming

Cloud Gaming Platform 

Cloud gaming made viable

Verizon asked us to design a new cloud gaming service, that could operate both integrated into the Fios TV platform, and as a new standalone 5G offering. As project lead I worked closely with a visual designer, designing for both mobile and TV platforms, and supplying the Verizon engineering team to develop an initial testing environment.

A Flexible Product Model

Our challenge lay in translating the established Fios TV product model into a new content category, from a lean-back to a lean-in experience. The same principle of “Content First” applied, but the model needed to allow for multiple content sources, cross-platform social features and multi-source streaming and esports content. 

Social across Platforms

The key differentiator to Fios TV was the introduction of social features, allowing VZG users to connect, chat and play together. Profile pages allow users to customise their public persona, find players with the same taste in games and brag about their achievements.


New Gaming Concepts

Expanded bandwidth allows for live game data to be streamed on the VZG platform alongside the regular video feed, offering new ways of interacting with live esports content. Viewers can bet on key match events as they unfold, follow their favourite player’s POV or even directly intervene in gameplay by sending their team performance boosting extras.

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