Volvo XC90 

Introducing all-new safety and luxury standards

New Technology Showcase

Volvo approached us to produce 40 videos detailing the new safety technologies and luxury features in the flagship 2015 Volvo XC90. As Art Director I led a team of five animators and was responsible for developing narrative and visual treatments, styleframes and storyboards.

The Invisible World

One of our key challenges was to visualise how the car detects its surroundings and acts on potential hazards. We developed a simplified monochrome environment, to reveal the invisible sensor data and make the vehicle’s split-second decision-making tangible to the audience.

Bringing a new HMI to life

We had the great pleasure of working with the Gøteborg Design team to bring the brand new Sensus UI to life, working on key interactions and transitions featured in the showcase videos. 

Simulating Sensors

To accurately depict how the vehicles sensors wortked, we developed new techniques to send point data from Cinema4D to After Effects. This allowed data to be generated from the actual position of the car sensors with accurate sensor shadowing and range, and exported at scene scale and position, allowing for exact placement in compositing.

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